UG Officially Gone is officially dead and gone 🙁
My original personal site, So Alive Network, which was hosted on Yahoo Geocities was made after discovering fanlistings and online trading card games. I needed more space to not only join fanlistings but own some as well and feature my TCG tradepost so I bought a new domain and the site opened on January 20, 2005. My first fanlisting was for S Club 7’s song ‘Dont Stop Movin’. Many fanlistings have since come and gone but that one has stood the test of time. Disney DVDs was the first ever TCG I joined and lead me to join many more which in turn lead me to many of my current obsessions. For over a decade through Ive been able to have a design site to make money (which will reopen eventually), make some great friends, meet achievements and goals, continue to show my love for my favorite things and let people know a little bit about myself. I hope can live up the expectations and longevity of Uninvited Grace and will bring bigger and better things.